Time Enough


I have been tinkering for, well, decades really.  Thinking about getting this done.  Gonna write some this year.  Going to get this off the ground.

It just never seems to happen.

So many of us are in the same boat, dreaming of getting a creative project off the ground, dreaming of  accomplishing some dream: finally writing that story, that song, or drawing that picture…

What stops us? Well, in most cases, it’s a set of common fears that actually can be addressed.  There are no ‘Three easy steps to becoming a world-renowned artist!” But there are a few solid actions you can take to finally overcome the procrastination and get out the door on your own creative adventure.

So, here we go:


Now take a moment to think of your favorite news website. A news site is an ideal example of when you’d expect content to be different from the last time you visited — after all, news just wouldn’t be news if it weren’t current. In the case of news sites, Posts are most often used to write articles.

When you publish a post within WordPress it knows to treat the post differently than the way it treats a page. For example, when you enable a blog within your BoldGrid theme, it will list all of your published posts in reverse chronological order on your Blog page.

Your BoldGrid site can contain both pages and posts, i.e. you may have an “About Author” page to compliment your weekly blog. When done well, utilizing pages and posts in this way can help you build a more engaging experience for your visitors.