Michael Bailey is the host of
A Sparrow Alone podcast and blog,
Sunday School teacher, SciFi nerd, reader of many books, dad to five wonderful kids, and a husband to Karly.

A Sparrow Alone

About Michael

  • born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • spent his childhood in Stuart, Florida
  • early teens in Zumbrota, Minnesota
  • went to High School in Naperville, Illinois
  • lived in Minnesota in Eagan, Linden Hills & Bloomington
  • went to University of Northwestern in St Paul for 3 years
  • lived in Burbank, California for nine years
  • degree in Communications
  • works as a Technical Writer
  • currently lives near Huntsville, Alabama

Don’t take me too seriously.  

The only thing I am qualified to have is an opinion. 
And I have several of those.

Then again, if I’m right….