About Michael

Michael is a husband to Karly.
He is a father of five.
He is a Christian.
He is a Nerd.
He is a Writer.

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What Michael Writes

Focus has never been my strong suit. I have a lot of interests, and write about many of them


The Basic Dad

At the heart of what I love is my family and my desire to be the best dad I can.  I don’t blog out of a sense of accomplishment, but desperation!  I really, really want to get family life right.  So, blog it, right?


5 Day Devos

The devotional reset for the 21st century.  Not easy, hyper-relevant, emergent, or any other catch phrase. Just compelling christian truths presented in a way that you can contemplate during a single week of study.



I am currently working on other self-published creative works through my own imprint ContentField.